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The official IQ test is an assessment designed to evaluate intelligence via five key cognitive facets: fluid reasoning, knowledge acquisition, quantitative reasoning, visual-spatial processing, and working memory. It takes into account both verbal and nonverbal responses. Each of these five facets is assigned a specific weight, and their cumulative score is typically consolidated into a ratio widely referred to as the intelligence quotient, or IQ.

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How Does The IQ Test Work?

The IQ test encompasses a series of tasks designed to evaluate different aspects of intelligence, such as short-term memory, analytical thinking, mathematical prowess, and spatial recognition. It's important to note that this test doesn't quantify the amount of knowledge you've accumulated, but rather, it assesses your potential to learn. After you provide your responses, we compare your performance with people in your age group, and then offer a normalized score. Interpreting a normalized score might be challenging for those without familiarity in statistics. Therefore, it's more beneficial to perceive your score as a numerical representation of your IQ in relation to others, rather than a definitive assessment of intelligence.

Popular IQ Scores

Celebrity IQ Scores

Uma Thurman - 183 IQ

Uma Thurman

183 IQ

It's rumored that Uma Thurman boasts an impressive estimated IQ of 183, placing her amongst the highest echelons of intellectual prowess. While it remains unclear whether her intelligence played a role in her portrayal in Kill Bill, one thing is certain: she is far from lacking in the brains department!

Quentin Tarantino - 160 IQ

Quentin Tarantino

160 IQ

In the realm of celebrity brilliance, Quentin Tarantino stands tall with an estimated IQ of 160, a score that aligns him with the legendary intellect of Albert Einstein!

George Clooney - 127 IQ

George Clooney

127 IQ

Sporting a perpetual smile, George Clooney boasts an impressive IQ of 127. While it might not be astronomical, it certainly adds another layer to his charming persona, doesn't it?

Nicole Kidman - 132 IQ

Nicole Kidman

132 IQ

The stakes are certainly rising with the "Eyes Wide Shut" actor boasting an IQ of 132. It seems the heat is turning up in the intellectual arena!

Natalie Portman - 140 IQ

Natalie Portman

140 IQ

Portman's impressive IQ of 140 is a testament to her commitment to education. She even famously missed the premiere of her movie, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, to focus on her high school finals.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - 134 IQ

Arnold Schwarzenegger

134 IQ

While he's widely recognized for his role in The Terminator, many might be surprised to learn that Arnold Schwarzenegger boasts a notable IQ of 134.

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